August 2021 Star Player

Leslie Ornelas is our August Star Player of the Month!

Leslie joined our payroll team in April 2019 as our Payroll/Personnel Tech. Specifically, hired to manage our onboarding process for student new hires. While she’s been doing a great job since coming aboard, she’s been exceptionally diligent with the onboarding process for Fall 2021, which is our first semester returning from the COVID pandemic. It’s been a challenge given our group returned to campus the week of August 16th and several of our client groups wanted students hired to begin work immediately. Given the need to onboard in a safe environment and eliminating our mass onboarding process as a result, we had to limit the number of students seen at any given time. With that said, Leslie is onboarding approx. 50 students per week of over 300 requests while balancing special prioritization of client groups requiring students on the ground for special welcome events. I commend her patience and support, as all clients are vying for very short turnaround on hires and continuing to request status updates almost daily to which Leslie is being responsive within a day.

Congrats Leslie!