February 2018 Star Player

Guyane Valian is our November Star Player of the Month!

Guyane is new to Provost Finance, having just joined our team in November 2017! In addition to learning all about the USC Libraries, Guyane was required to pickup all of the work related to the Pacific Asia Museum, after a staff member left the team. Since she lives in Pasadena, she has even offered to stop by PAM weekly to assist with finance/controllership duties. This work was in addition to her duties in grant administration for both divisions. She was very helpful this month in helping us get ready for PCI audits. She pulled together all of the required audit documentation for the USC Libraries, Pacific Asia Museum and Controllership when it became clear that we needed assistance with this function. Most importantly, Guyane does the work required with a positive and willing attitude. Even if the job is new to her and if others were asked to help, Guyane is willing to work as a team player to get the job done. She represents the Provost Shared Services philosophy very well.

Congratulations Guyane!